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Common name: 1,3-dichloro-5-isocyanatobenzene

Molecular formula: C7H3Cl2NO

Molecular weight: 188.01

CAS No: 34893-92-0

Physicochemical properties:

Appearance: white to light brown solid. Melting point: 29-35°C. Boiling point: 243 °C (4kPa). Density: 1.38, flash point: 110 °C.

Quality index: content≥99.0%

Uses: As pesticide and pharmaceutical intermediate, the product is mainly used in synthesizing herbicides such as diuron, propanil, and etc.

Packing: 250KG steel-plastic drum

Storage and transportation: shelf life is one year if the product is kept in original package under the condition of correct storage.

Structural formula:


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