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Phenyl isocyanate

Common name: Phenyl isocyanate

Molecular formula: C6H5NCO

Structural formula:

Molecular weight: 119.12

CAS No: 103-71-9

Physicochemical properties:

Colorless liquid with pungent smell. Melting point: -30 °C. Boiling point: 166 °C. Density: 1.10. Saturated vapor pressure: 0.13 kPa(10.6 °C). Flash point: 56 °C. Stability: stable if it is tightly sealed.

Quality index: content≥99.0%

Uses: in pesticide intermediate, refrigerant, solvent, extraction agent, polymer catalyst, and stabilizer.

Packing: 200KG steel-plastic drum

Storage and transportation: keep in cool, dry and well-ventilated warehouse. To protect from light and heat. Separate from oxidants, alkalines, alcohols, amines, edible chemicals, and foods.


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